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Marriage- Why and What is the requirement of marriage? U want to marry for love, to increase the size of family, to increase the population of country or just because everybody has to get marry one day and become parents of somebody. Marriage is very serious subject there are many risks involve in it, sometime whatever u think doesnot happen but u have to be very very flexible to run your life you can not be rigid, sometimes rigidity is good, sometimes flexibility in many activities. Family Planning is part of marriage you have to make up your mind what type of family you want to make, how many kids should be there, how much time you want love, how much money you want to spend on married life after marriage and on marriage. Arrange Marriage is the good option as lots of relatives and guest expected to give gifts in comparison to love marriage. Love Marriage people thinks very risky, specially parents they feel as a big stone their kids has placed on their heart. They get scared in most cases the parents of son its very hard to make them convinced the bride come in love marriage is also good and make the home as in arrange marriage. If you really want to marry prepare yourself in advance do mental exercise for few months, physical exercise to shape your body and increase stamina and finally goahead.

Last Submitted Date: 2019-04-16


Relationship5 Keys to Settling Marital Conflict

I'm sick of fighting! especially since having children. Help!

Here they are:

1) By taking better care of yourself, you'll be able to take better care of your partner, and have a cooler, clearer head in quarrels. This means really doing the fundamentals: protein with every meal, good vitamin supplements, sleep as an extremely high priority, personal stress relief practices, and the support of good friends and family.

2) Put 80% of your energy into how you can be a better mate, and just 20% on how he/she could be less of a jerk. You have little power to change your partner, but great power to change yourself. Take maximum personal responsibility for whatever is true in your partner's complaints, and then unilaterally make appropriate changes. That will make you feel good about yourself, give you the best odds of getting better behavior from your mate, and put you on the high moral ground.

3) Try to get inside your partner's skin, sensing the being behind the words - and ask firmly for the same. Isn't that why you married each other, that you felt deeply known and listened to? Being empathic doesn't mean you agree or approve or let someone off the hook, just that you understand. And when you understand, you're more able to address what's really at stake for the other person. And when you feel understood, you're more willing to get to the heart of the matter and make peace.

4) Go after what would make things better from now onrather than argue about the past. Be honest with yourself: what are you up to, making a case for why you're right, or making things better in your relationship? Pick a topic and stick with it without jumping around. Then make realistic agreements, keep them, and move on.

5) Life is hard for all of us, and we all suffer in a variety of ways, so each of us is called to bring compassion and lovingkindness to other people - even the person we're married to! This both makes us quietly happy and helps the world be a better place. While love may not be top of mind in the midst of a nutty day, any one of us can use the will to reach down inside and pull up a little love. Giving it ennobles us, lifts our own heart, brings dignity and self-respect . . . and often kindles a fire of love in return.

Last Submitted Date: 2018-11-19



Divorce- Getting Marry or Planning Marry first thing to know why and when divorce happen. 1) Not satisfied with the family you are marry in 2) Not satisfy by the Husband/Wife 3) Not satisfy by the location of the home where u shift after marriage may be for whole life 4) The way of living or family environment 5) Income difference between husband and wife it happens when both are earning 6)Past of husband or wife can be the reason (Premarital affairs). 7)Attraction or love between both. 8)Difference of complexion 9)Fig /Physique of person. 10)Demand of Inlaws, the money.11)Abusive, both can be abusive male and female, the reason behind.12) The person don’t want  to stop with one can be the reason of divorce.

Last Submitted Date: 2018-07-18


Marriage in India or abroad the event where a legal relationship start between two persons. People enjoy rituals, dance, food. Marriage in High Income Class, Middle Income Class or Lower Income Class has different packages. In India it depends on class of caste also which is at some place changes as the income of few people raise they also start following the higher caste people those who spend much in marriages. In higher caste the status show is there in events, gifts, decorations, place of marriage, and other. In India in every cast Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh rituals differ, the way or the exchange of gifts and money use is same.The family environment, education also makes the difference the people can be seen where marriage is to begin a relationship, status show or money expenditure may not be that much. Few people or may be maximum people start making the packages as the boy or girl step in to youth. The scale on which the packages created depends on qualification, looks, family background (family background means business class, service class this is one criteria another criteria ancestral background like somebody belongs to royal families or having link with royal families, business family into business from 100 of yrs). People are there those who start talk with package value yes how much money u will spend in the marriage, main consideration is the amount of cash the groom family get. The general package includes the expenditure on marriage, Cash, Jewellery, Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Crockery, Clothes, Beddings, Utensils, Vehicle. Marriage also there without this general package. People get marry with the less money or no money also. They just do a small ritual or full ritual to start their married life, it is easier for them those who have everything in their home, package consideration is only bride or groom. Places in  India are there where groom family pay to bride family money, money is fixed prior to marriage. Show of strength in marriage also there with the money and arms. Arms also used and gun fires from both the parties female and male  to show of strength. Air Marriage are also coming up now a days, the marriage in the air means marriage in aeroplane. For this u have to contact the aeroplane charter company to hire a plane with your requirement for marriage in air. Now the beginning after marriage Honeymoon. Honeymoon can also be done in different manners. Honeymoon in country or abroad. Honeymoon in hotel, resort, in air means aeroplane or if not anywhere than in your own home.

Last Submitted Date: 2018-05-14

First Time Blues

Once at the honeymoon destination anxiety for that first touch of intimate romance set in. Don’t worry you are not alone, both of you will be feeling the same anxiety and excitement about how and when that moment is going to come. Grooms especially are often worried about their first performance and how their partner is going to like it. But the key is to relax and understand but its love that will steer you through. Your life partner, who has chosen you to spend her life with, has not done that because she knows that you rock in the bed but because she loves the way you are and believes that you love the way she wants. Also its not about how well you can do in the bed but its about how can the both of you can come together to enjoy the ecstatic feeling of being together. Do not make the mistake of perceiving sex as an activity meant just for physical pleasure as it is a complete expression in itself and demands a special touch of emotions. This is a special moment, and special occasions require extra care. Pay attention to this detail, and you will both be rewarded. But be careful not to appear to fake and staged. Be genuine and sincere. Try to convey to your partner that his isn’t just a routine romp in the hay. It is worth the time and effort.

Last Submitted Date: 2018-01-05

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